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What is Listir?

Exclusive access
to private collections

On Listir, collectors list larger parts of their art collections – not just single artworks. Buyers get access to otherwise unavailable art, while sellers receive offers for art still hanging on their wall.

Honest and clear

Every artwork listed on Listir has comprehensive information about its origin, condition, auction price history, and more. No snobbish and lengthy essays, just straightforward and unbiased information.

Secure transactions
with certified collectors

All sellers on Listir are certified collectors. Buyers may request additional condition reports from neutral third parties. Artworks may be returned if substantially different from its listing.

Easy buying & selling
at low fees

With Listir’s revolutionary self-publishing tool (soon available), collections are listed in a few clicks. Sellers receive the full selling price (0% commission!), buyers pay a market-low 10% premium.

How does it work?


Publish your artworks – some are for sale, some are open to offers


Browse through the artworks, find all relevant information before buying


Purchase artworks right away – or make an offer the seller can’t refuse


Get the artwork conveniently delivered to your door

I want to sell art on Listir

Thanks a lot for wanting to list your artworks on Listir! Security is important to Listir, and we manually check the identity and contact every seller. Please register your telephone number, and we will contact you as soon as possible.